Monday, February 1, 2016

Cats Are Easier To Take Care Of

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Cats are obviously the best pets someone could ever own. Not only are they loving and caring, they're easy to take care of.

I don't know about anyone else, but I like to go places during the day with my family. If you have a dog you can't do that. Dogs have to constantly be taken outside to do their business. Cats use a litter box. It takes less time to house train a cat and you don't have to bath a cat. Cats naturally clean themselves, which helps keep your house clean.

 Cats are also cheaper than dogs. The average dog owner spends around $1,000 on food, insurance, and medical bills a year while the average cat owner only spends around $600 a year on the same things but add litter. Cats save you money and time.

Dogs need a lot of attention, if you leave them alone for too long they get scared anxious. If you want to leave town for the weekend while owning a dog you have to get a dog sitter, but with a cat you can just give it extra food and leave.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” 
― Charles Dickens


  1. Good portrayal of opinion (even though I disagree). There are a few barely noticeable mistakes (extra spaces, misspelt bathe, etc), but overall really well written.


  2. This post serves as a nice introduction to your blog -- and to the point of view you are trying to get across. For future posts, you might do research on specific breeds of cats or behavioral studies of cats. --RW

  3. Well written, but dogs are obviously way better. Maybe go into more of the reasons why cats are better. Maybe based off of intelligence, etc.

  4. Every cat that I have ever had never wanted anyone to come near it and when they did it was only because it wanted you to feed it. Overall this blog is very convincing but a little to negative about dogs. Yes dogs might get anxious but cats if you leave their litter box and them alone it will make the house all smelly. Plus would you rather let a dog outside to go to the bathroom or have to clean up after the cat goes to the bathroom. But overall really good display of opinion and it kinda changed my opinion on cats a little bit. I also like the way that you wrote this.


  5. B.A. : Nice I like your use of comparing them