Friday, February 26, 2016

Maine Coon Cats

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It's no lie that I love cats, but my favorite probably has to be the Maine Coon cat. My little princess Hazel is a Coon cat and I love her.

Maine Coon cats are the official cat of the state of Maine and was the first recognized breed of cat of Maine. Over years the Coon cat has evolved into a very strong species. These cats are built to survive the harshest winters in Maine.

The cat has very long with three distinctive lengths, a long fluffy tail, and paws that are very large in size and tufted so they can walk on ice and snow.

Though their size and reputation make them sound scary and mean, they are loving animals. They are very intelligent and kind. The friendliness they show towards humans makes us love them more. This cat is truly worthy of the nick name the "Gentle Giant."

The Maine Coon cat is also a natural hunter. My cat always chases flies around the house. This helps them survive in the wild.

Coon cats are also known to have a fondness for water. They like to look at it, play with it, sometimes even be in it. My cat loves to play with water.

Maine Coon cats are, in my opinion the best cats to have for a pet.

Plus, look how cute she is playing with water in the dish washer......

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